Debt Collection

We have an in house call centre with capabilities to deal with large volumes of debt collection matters on behalf of our clients.

We have a 130 seater call centre, a collection package for detailed reporting and effective management of matters as well as a predictive dialing system to ensure that our staff maximize their productivity.
We utilise an excellent collection systems, namely, Swordfish, which offers cutting edge advances in the field of debt collection. The system has been utilized by various banking groups locally and internationally and allow our firm to be at the helm of the debt collection industry, despite our size, due to the advanced systems.
The firm has proven an accepted collection methods and procedures for effective debt collection which is executed by trained collectors. Our collectors are trained as ”professionals”. With the abovementioned integrated systems, the firm has an overall effective and efficient in house solution for debt collection.

Our collection success and exceptional conversion ratios are based on a variety of factors being:

  • A Cloud based and easily integratable systems.
  • Sophisticated debt collection program.
  • Various tracing facilities, both in‑house and external.
  • A dedicated team of credit consultants that are incentive and target driven.
  • The predictive dialler, call monitoring and call recording facility.
  • Prompt and persistent follow up on default payments.
  • Automated sms’s sent out as payment reminder.
  • Various collection strategies.
  • Debtors access to our system to verify their outstanding account and obtain statement balance.
  • Clients able to access our system and view productivity, ensuring full transparency or alternatively an API that may be set up to ensure all actions are transferred to the clients system.
  • Accurate reporting system on all operation factors required to run a successful debt collection operation.
  • Fully automated accounting module that ensures effective management of outstanding accounts and that no duplicate billing is possible.

The firm has an impeccable success rate with an average collection rate of about 10% – 30% of the total handover per month for each of our various clients. In the last year we averaged over 76 actions per account before a file is closed, within a 3 month period, ensuring that each file is worked to its full potential. The firm has extensive experience collecting debt for and on behalf of various small to large entities and has the infrastructure and capacity to handle large volume of handovers. Between the firms’ 3 offices, we have the capacity to handle over 50 000 matters.
By furnishing all our client’s monthly reports as well as giving them access to our system, we ensures transparency and accountability, which gives our client’s peace of mind and trust in our firm. Should any client require more regular reports, same would be readily available at a click of a button. An API may also be set up so that all our actions may be duplicated on the client’s system, to ensure that client is fully aware of all our actions at any point in time.

Dependant on the mandate, summons will be issued and the legal process would be followed until judgment is granted and execution takes place. This process is actioned by the litigation department and attorneys who have the necessary skill and experience to handle matters which are defended.
In the event that the account holder is deceased, the Firm can, subject to the client’s authority, report the estate to the appropriate master’s office and fulfil the necessary processes to ensure that the estate is wound up. In such instances, the outstanding debt shall be recovered.

Current & Previous Contractual Obligations

We provide(d) debt collection services to the following clients with similar requirements and needs:

We provide(d) debt collection services to Netcare, Life, SAA, Bryte, Nedbank and GEP
We provide(d) services to FNB, Wesbank, Investec, GetBucks, Mercedes-Benz and NSFAS
We provide(d) debt collection services to Eskom and various municipalities.
We provide(d) services to ERWAT, SANBI, Prasa, Road Traffic and Government Printing
We provide(d) debt collection services to Irba, Landbank, Yes Loans, Credit Guarantee and SA board for sheriffs


We are the top collector continuously on the Ekurhuleni panel for the Benoni region.

We are within the top 4 firms on the FNB panel out of 20 firms.