Legal Services

Our legal offering is grounded in the philosophy of finding the best possible solution at the least possible cost.

We’re able to assist you with a range of legal services. These pivot around our specialist expertise in mediation and relevant international accreditation. This brings a different approach: one that is mindful, people-centric and future-facing.

We provide the following legal services:

Civil Litigation

This comprehensive offering covers everything from Constitutional matters through to negligence and defective workmanship claims
– Drafting and vetting of contracts.

Commercial Law

Our commercial law offering includes:
– All requirements to start-up, operate and ultimately sell your business
– Civil litigation
– Labour law


Our correspondence services are convenient and cost-effective.
We accept instructions for various jurisdictions/ courts.
We’re also happy to enter into a fee-sharing agreement with you: one that will be cost-effective for your clients.

Estate Planning

We have the expertise and necessary skill to properly assist clients with all their estate planning needs, including:
– Administration of deceased estates
– Drafting of Trusts and wills

Family Law

We also offer family law:
– Anti-nuptial contracts
– Mediation, advice and legal divorce
– Access, maintenance and visitation for children
– Estate management

Insolvency Law

We work with you to minimise the long-term impact of business liquidation or personal sequestration, helping you prepare for all eventualities.

Insurance Law

Insurance law is another key area of expertise. Our insurance law experts and litigation department work closely together on cases relating to:
– Car accidents, Medical claims, Claims for movable and immovable goods, Theft, Fraud and Compliance disputes.

Labour Law

We’re firm believers in setting your business up for success, and then helping you to maintain it. This includes:
– Drafting tailormade employee contracts and policies
– Advisory, arbitration, mediation and related services across bargaining councils and the Labour Court.

Property law

Our related property management solution is comprehensive and includes contract management, as well as evictions. (These are mediated wherever possible in the spirit of Ubuntu, especially in our current Covid-19 reality)

Debt Collection

We have an in house call centre with capabilities to deal with large volumes of debt collection matters on behalf of our clients.