About Ismail & Dahya Attorneys

Where we’ve come from – and where we’re going to

As an entrepreneurial business we’re mindful of the road we have travelled and the contribution we are able to make through our business.

Our backgrounds, life experiences and gratitude have shaped our journey to today, and the tomorrow we look forward to.

We remember how and where we started this business – going door-to-door on the streets of Jo’burg CBD just four days after “opening” to sell our offering in-person; and sharing an old landline phone as we did the debt collections ourselves.

We acknowledge all of those first supporters; advocates and fans who helped us build IDA Law from the ground-up. We continue honouring their contribution by serving with the same integrity and in the same founding spirit.

We celebrate diversity across culture, gender, age and ability, and have built a representative business that is proudly B-BBEE Level One. 

IDA Law road we have travelled


We understand the role and value of meaningful employment – especially for young people across our communities. We know that many turn to us for their first experience of formal work: a responsibility and privilege we do not take lightly.

This is why we’ve chosen to build a business that is purpose-driven, with a culture that supports this.

IDA Law offices

 We’ve opened offices in areas where employment is needed and are managing these spaces in line with our new Covid-19 reality

  • We acknowledge and celebrate both individual and collective success. We encourage team members to experiment, fail and learn as necessary pathways to developing character, grit and tenacity – and a love of what they do
  • We understand that rewarding performance is important. We want to build a team of stars who are grounded and inspired by our values, and “own” their futures
  • We believe in teamwork and the power of community and collaboration. Everyone whose lives we touch must be the better for it

Above all, we’re excited about the future we’re working to consciously create.

We dream of reaching our full potential where we’re able to ignite the graph of personal, professional and socio-economic impact; leaving a legacy for this and future generations.

This is something we’re building towards each day in the Covid-19 reality space.

Our Mission

Our mission includes:


To provide high quality legal services and advice to our clients through highly qualified, talented and knowledgeable professionals.


Focusing on specific industries within the corporate and commercial environment in order to optimize the quality of our services.


To understand the specific needs and objectives of our clients by adopting a hands-on approach.


To maintain the highest ethical standards in all our business and work practices.


Continually developing and investing in up-to-date technology to meet our clients’ needs in order to ensure continued efficiency.


Training our most important asset – our human capital – in order to provide them with opportunities for self-development & accomplishment.

Scales of justice Ismail & Dahya attorneys

Our Vision

Our vision includes:

  • Establishing ourselves as a leading corporate and commercial legal services provider within our specialized fields of practice.
  • To innovatively add value and make positive contributions to the business activities of our clients.
  • Continually challenging ourselves to set high standards, and to reach and surpass those standards in all our professional activities.
  • To implement and strengthen a mutually beneficial working relationship with our clients and stakeholders.
  • Maintaining adaptability and flexibility in our approach to the processes required and involved in servicing our clients.
  • To constantly perfect our internal systems in order to best deliver on the objectives and requirements of our clients and the needs of our personnel.

As a professional firm we only use the latest state-of-the art hardware. Our software is regularly kept up to date by our in-house IT Department. Our IT department is supported by an outsourced IT Firm.

  • Uninterrupted internet and emails are guaranteed by ADSL lines together with back-up.
  • Our servers run back-to-back 24 hours a day with an A-Grade firewall.
  • Back-ups are stored off-site and are done on a daily basis.
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Legal Software: Legalsuite, Microsoft office, winded, buttorworths, deedsearch, Lexisnexus
Technology at Ismail & Dahya attorneys
BBBEE Level 1
Ismail & Dahya Attorneys believes in and supports the principles of BEE and has committed itself to the transformation and integration of all persons of different race, culture, gender and religion.

This has resulted in an integrated firm that delivers excellent service to its clients.

We are proud to confirm that Ismail & Dahya Attorneys is 100% black empowered and has a BBBEE status level of a Level One Contributor.

We are proud to be a Level 1 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Contributor. Through recruitment and continuous skills and human resources development we strive to empower and challenge previously disadvantaged individuals to advance their careers and optimize their potential to make a positive contribution to our firm and society in general. We are committed to transformation and employment equity, and actively promote and encourage cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.