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Choosing a lawyer is important,

getting the right lawyer is critical!

Started in 2010 by entrepreneurs and attorneys-at-law Wahid Ismail and Atish Dahya, Ismail & Dahya Attorneys offers you a range of comprehensive legal solutions.

We specialise in credit solutions and more specifically debt collection, as well as commercial, civil and labour law. We also offer integrated business process outsourcing (BPO) and property management solutions.

Our business has been built with professionalism, integrity, respect and compassion at its heart.

We see ourselves in those we serve: you and your clients.

We work to resolve matters amicably, rather than litigate, unless absolutely necessary. As internationally accredited mediators, we always seek the best possible solution for everyone concerned.

We believe that all legal processes can bring positive change.

Every case and every call are opportunities to connect, remind, reinforce and encourage customers towards doing better – providing them with a way to do this. Our objective is always to arrive at the best possible solution at the least possible cost.

We understand that everyone is different. We all face a different reality every day.

The better we understand these realities, the more we can help. The less we judge. The greater our compassion and impact.

Above all, we’re inspired to be catalysts and disrupters.

We are young and future-facing. We don’t believe that litigation should necessarily be approached as it was in the past. That’s why we provide our dynamic teams with equally dynamic tech; solving for the future. In this way we can shift both mindsets and behaviour; moving people towards solutions…

Our Solutions

We believe in the art of advocacy: the power of our words to create better realities.

No matter the type of case or desirable outcome, our client-centric approach is what defines us. Our professionalism and care mean that we strive to be objective, fair and compassionate in all we do.

We are solutions-driven. If the outcome can be achieved in one letter, then that’s the route we choose. Our billing reflects this: we get paid based on the direct benefit you receive.

We also ensure we’re ethically aligned from the very beginning: if we don’t feel it, we don’t do it.

Technology is a key enabler in our space – and something we actively invest in. Data is protected by state-of-the-art solutions, with records backed-up each and every day.


Our solutions - client-centric approach - people in meeting
Our services - Law books and gavel

Our Services

Our services include:

Civil Litigation, Labour Law, Insolvency Law, Family Law, Estate Planning, Commercial Law, Debt Collection, Insurance Law, Correspondent Services and Property Law.

At Ismail & Dahya Attorneys, we believe that legal systems and processes serve our families, communities and country.

They guide us to think, live and act responsibly and respectfully; with consideration, kindness and compassion. This helps us to create positive impact.

This is the better world we work towards every day.

We believe this is possible because of what we know about ourselves.
We’re committed. We’re determined. We’re driven.
We’re purposeful and purpose-filled.

We want to shape our reality through our work.
We want our clients and customers to lead better lives because they’ve known us and worked with us.
We want to leave a legacy rather than a footprint.

This is our call to action.
This is the vision that inspires us.

We are Ismail & Dahya Attorneys.
We want to build this world with you.

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I would like to let you know that I’m very impressed and happy about the service received from Ismail & Dahya office. He gives me an update on every step on my case’s progress. I can see that he knows what is doing and care about his clients.
Well done Ismail. Kind regards.

L Welsh

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ismail & Dahya Attorneys, because I was very pleased with the legal representation that I have received from them so far at the hearing of Argument on Jurisdiction at the C.C.M.A. in Johannesburg. Based on all my evidence and the strength of my legal representation by Ismail & Dahya Attorneys, I don`t foresee any delays in this case. Thank you very much for your kind assistance.
Best regards,

M Lara

Well done. Fantastic. We are very appreciative of your firm’s efforts. Please continues with the same zest as always.

M Degam

Thank you Ismail & Dahya for your awesome service. You treated me as part of your family and helped me through this most difficult time in my life, for which I am eternally grateful.

F Ebrahim

Rebuilding post-lockdown South Africa

Covid-19 has challenged each of us to reimagine a new safe world.

At Ismail & Dahya, we’ve seen this as an invitation to act… to contribute positively to our team’s welfare; the work of our clients; and the welfare of the greater community we serve.

We’re committed to remaining stronger together. And taking decisive purposeful action.