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Debt Collection


Our attorneys have extensive expertise in providing tailor-made litigation and debt recovery offerings across a number of diverse fields of law as articulated under our ‘areas of practice’.

Our coverage across critical fields of law is extensive and includes:

  • Banking litigation and debt recovery;
  • Insurance litigation and debt recovery;
  • Commercial litigation and debt recovery;
  • Civil litigation and debt recovery;
  • Property litigation and debt recovery;
When mention is made of debt collections, an old cliché immediately comes to mind: "throwing good money after bad". However, some factors can significantly influence the cost and collection rate of a debt book viz.:
  • the debt collection agency's infrastructure;
  • its ability to achieve scale benefits on debt recovery operations;
  • the age of the debt;
Acting timeously and making the right choices can reduce the risks of writing off bad debts considerably.



Collection Services:

1) Managing Debtors

We advocate management of debtors, rather than collection of bad debt. As a result first contact is always a customer service exercise on behalf of our client. Effectively communicating the magnitude of the problem of arrear accounts, whilst at the same time providing an affordable solution to the debtor. Our success on early management of debtors effectively reduces bad debt write-offs as well as proves to retain customers for the continuation of a long term relationship.

2) Legal Collections

In those instances where it is required either as instruction from our client, or as a result of truly delinquent accounts, the legal collection process is initiated. Until a matter becomes formally opposed however, it remains in the call centre, where follow up communication with the debtor takes place through telephone calls, sms messages and e-mails.

3) Contingency Based Collection

The Collections Department operates on the principal of no success, no fee, and accepts instructions on a contingency basis.




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